Bunner’s Bakeshop – Toronto, ON
General Assembly Pizza – Toronto, ON
Ma’s Best Soups – Toronto, ON
The Happy Bakers – Mississauga, ON
The Pie Commission – Etobicoke, ON





Babci Polish Mustard – Mississauga, ON
Black River Juice – Mississauga, ON
Copperpot Nuts – Coldwater, ON
Comeback Snacks – Hamilton, ON
Heritage Bee – Creemore, ON
La Tortilleria – Toronto, ON
Motley Que – Edmonton, AB
Nu Bagel – Toronto, ON
Salt Spring Sea Salt – Salt Spring Island, BC
Scout Cannery – Toronto, ON
Smoke Bloke – Toronto, ON
Spade & Spoon – Ayton, ON
The Happy Bakers – Mississauga, ON


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